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Product Launch Brand Identity



Introduce Your Product with a Strong, Cohesive Brand Identity

Our Product Launch Branding Package is designed to give your new product the attention it deserves. From eye-catching packaging to effective promotional materials, we provide everything you need to make a powerful impression. Here’s what’s included:


  • Packaging Design

    • We create visually stunning and functional packaging designs that reflect your brand's identity and make your product stand out on the shelves. Our designs are crafted to attract customers and convey the quality and uniqueness of your product.
  • Product Mockup

    • Our team develops high-quality product mockups that showcase your product in a realistic and appealing way. These mockups are perfect for use in marketing materials, presentations, and online listings, helping you generate interest and excitement before the actual product launch.
  • Promotional Flyers + Emails

    • We design three promotional flyers and email templates to effectively communicate your product's benefits and features to your target audience. These materials are tailored to capture attention and drive engagement, ensuring a successful launch.


  • Product Launch Strategy Plan:

    • Our team will craft a detailed product launch strategy that includes market analysis, target audience identification, and a step-by-step rollout plan. This strategic framework is designed to optimize your launch, ensuring it reaches the right audience and generates excitement.


  • Creative Direction:

    • Elevate your launch with our creative direction services. We oversee the visual and messaging elements, ensuring they align with your brand’s identity. Our creative guidance ensures that all launch materials present a unified and compelling narrative, capturing your audience’s attention.


By including these add-ons, you gain valuable insights and structured planning to enhance your product launch, helping you achieve maximum reach and engagement with your target market. Let Deebella Designs help you make a lasting impression and connect with your audience from day one.


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